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A Smart Home Keyholder Response Package Includes:

  • PM360R Alarm Panel & Wireless Keypad
  • Wireless Motion Sensors & Door Sensors
  • Internal Siren
  • ADT Dummy Bell Box
  • ADT Smart Home App

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ADT Smart Home Keyholder Response Package

A Smart Home Keyholder Response Package is more than an ordinary home security system. “Keyholder response” notifies you and any additional designated keyholders the moment activity occurs in your home. This wireless security system comes equipped with top-of-the-line home security devices, such as wireless motion sensors, an internal siren, external dummy bell box, and a portable keypad alarm panel. You’ll get home automation at your fingertips with the ADT Smart Home app, giving you personalised alerts and total home control from your smartphone. Plus, you can have the option to upgrade your system to include security cameras and additional features for a well-rounded system.

A Smart Home Keyholder Response Package Includes:

  • PM360R Alarm Panel & Wireless Keypad
  • Wireless Motion Sensors & Door Sensors
  • Internal Siren
  • ADT Dummy Bell Box
  • ADT Smart Home App

PM360R Alarm Panel & Wireless Keypad

  • PM360R Alarm Panel: This sleek panel is your hub for home security system control. Activate or disarm your system and make any settings changes easily with the large, clear font.
  • Wireless Keypad: The wireless keypad control lets you take a break from your smartphone while still being able to manage your home security system from any room in the house.

Wireless Motion Sensors & Door Sensors

  • Wireless Motion Sensors: Able to detect human movement yet still pet tolerant, ADT wireless motion sensors minimise false alarms and help provide your home with a layer of security even before a potential criminal enters your home.
  • Door Sensors: The Slimline Radio Door Contact helps guard your entryways by alerting you immediately when a fitted door is opened or closed.

Internal Siren & External Bell Box

  • ADT Dummy Bell Box: With a bright yellow exterior and a flashing blue light, an ADT Bell Box makes it clear that your home is protected by a home security system trusted by more than 200,000 in the UK. This dummy bell box acts as a first line of defense for your home.
  • Internal Siren: Equipped with a 110dB siren (imagine concert-level noise), a 3-year battery life, and a strobe light for the hard of hearing, the Internal Siren activates with an intruder as well as with fire alarms. You can add up to 4 internal sirens per security system to help alert you and frighten away burglars.

ADT Smart Home App

The ADT Smart Home App is your on-screen home away from home. Heading out and want to have maximum control over your household even when you can’t be there? Whether you’re on a quick run to the shops or traveling for an extended business trip, the ADT Smart Home App lets you check in on your household from almost anywhere—right from your smartphone. All your security and home automation feature settings are manageable directly from the app, meaning you won’t have to ask a neighbour to verify whether your security system is really up and running. You’ll know within seconds from the device you already carry everywhere with you.

  • Features with “Scenarios”: Are there any specific situations—or scenarios—that might occur in your home that you’d definitely want to know about? Perhaps when a sensor activates or an alarm sounds? Enter Scenarios. This ADT app feature allows you monitor specific events and set up personalised alert notifications so you can immediately be made aware of relevant activity in your home.
  • Manage Activity in Zones: No more one-size-fits-all setting changes. Zones give you visibility into all corners of your home, and allows you to change settings only in the areas you wish. That’s because the ADT Smart Home App breaks up your home into distinct zones—such as the kitchen, living room, or dining area—allowing you individualised and compartmentalised control over your household.
  • View Complete History: Want to check in on your security camera footage or note the time a sensor was triggered to confirm it was a loved one who entered your home? The ADT app keeps a complete record of every event that occurs as part of your ADT home security system, providing you with detailed, written evidence of all activity within your home.
  • Get Personalised Alerts: Want to get an email when a sensor is triggered? Prefer a push notification on your smartphone? Get notified your way with ADT app alerts. You get to choose the frequency and delivery method of each alert as well as which activities you want to be notified about. Easy to set up and change, alert notifications notify you immediately, so you don’t have to manually check into the ADT app for updates.

Customise your ADT System with Upgrades and Add Ons

Ready for more features? This is just the start. ADT offers a variety of upgrades and add ons to the Smart Home Keyholder Response Package to further equip your home with all the home security devices you need to keep your household secure.

Additional ADT home security system add-ons:

  • Internal or external WiFi security cameras
  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide alarm

ADT Smart Home Keyholder Response vs. ADT Smart Home with Police Response

Trying to weigh your options? When choosing between an ADT Smart Home Keyholder Response package and an ADT Smart Home with Police Response package, the key difference is who gets called when something triggers your ADT alarm.

With ADT Smart Home Keyholder Response, you won’t have to worry about the police getting called without reason or wasting city resources in the event of a false alarm. When ADT monitoring specialists notice a triggered alarm, they immediately call you and any designated keyholders.

With ADT Smart Home with Police Response, police get notified the moment an alarm sounds—in addition to all designated keyholders. That means police involvement is automatic with every triggered alarm.

Overall, our pick is the ADT Smart Home Keyholder Response, because we believe you know best when to involve police. Either way, ADT monitoring response time is just 42 seconds—the fastest in the UK. With speeds like that, you can trust ADT to help safeguard your home.

ADT Smart Home Keyholder Response Pricing

From 99p* a day

With the Keyholder Response plan, homeowners can set, check and adjust their home's alarm system with their keypad or through the Smart Home App or Web Portal.

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